Indoor Furnishing


Parà Industrial Group is a world leader in the manufacturing of natural fibre piece dyed, rotary VAT and reactive digitally printed furnishing fabrics.

All products are finished with a variety of different treatments, looking to market trends, fashion and customer requirements.

Parà’s piece dyed collections are stock supported with more than 1000 colours in different weaves, weights and fibre compositions.

Rotary printing is available up to 24 colours, while HD digital printing achieves 720 dpi.

The collections of natural fibre fabrics for indoors have many applications: furniture, pillows, bed and drapery.

Parà and our fabrics satisfy the more important textile editors, wholesalers, cushion and curtain ready makers and furniture producers from all over the world.

High quality and just in time customized service is the basis of our production process and that’s why Parà fabrics conform to the highest market standards and keep their aspect unchanged for a long time

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