Outdoor Furnishing


Your Outdoor Fabric customized by TEMPOTEST®

Tailor Made is a new, exciting and unique service offered by Tempotest Home® in order to provide fabric choices to their customers that are one of a kind and exclusive to them. This new service allows you to design and personalize fabrics that meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace and gives unlimited options to make your fabric your own and set your product apart from the others.

Tempotest Home® gives you the ability to create 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics with hundreds of variations in patterns, textures and colors working with our design team in Italy who can also consult with you on color trends and designs. Tempotest Home® Tailor Made is a revolution in the world of outdoor furniture that will allow you and your customers to personalize their gardens, balconies, swimming pools and all outdoor spaces in the colors and designs that are uniquely yours.

Tempotest Home® fabrics are made from 100% solution dyed fibers and are water repellent, oil cleanable, soil and mold resistant. The fabric is extremely fade resistant and will not lose color nor strength when exposed to sunlight. We are so confident in this that we offer a 6-year warranty against loss of color due to exposure to the sun.

Tempotest Home® is the perfect mix of performance and style and now that style can be yours to create!


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