The Tempotest Marine® collection is a line of textile products for the leisure yachting sector which uses the same fabric base of solution-dyed acrylic yarn as employed for sun awnings, but here with different finishings, treatments and fabric construction.

The main characteristics of the textiles in the Tempotest Marine® collection are their ability to repel water and ordinary mineral and vegetable oils, with additional structural properties which yield increased resistance to longitudinal, lateral and diagonal tension, making them elastic and adaptable to a variety of uses.

The solution-dyed acryclic yarn used for these textiles is one of the best available solutions for marine textiles as they are resistant to UV light, brine, the elements, mould and colour-fading due to sunlight.

The special Tempotest Marine® finishing helps stain removal and the 100% acrylic solution-dyed yarn resists fading due to sun, water and the elements in general, with a 6 year colour-fast warranty.

The Tempotest Marine® range includes fabric with waterproof properties sufficient to withstand over one metre water-column pressure, while all fabrics are breathable for avoiding accumulation of mould-engendering moisture.

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